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The Greatest Minds

Florence's Renaissance citizens

Sep 10
Niccolò Machiavelli

Considered the father of modern political science and political philosophy.

Sep 03
Lorenzo Ghiberti

The renaissance sculptor responsible for creating the Baptistery of Florence.

Aug 30
Luca and Andrea della Robbia

A family with its history in terracotta finely etched onto the city for centuries.

Aug 27

Poet, humanist and author of On Famous Women and The Decameron.

Aug 09
Antonio del Pollaiolo

Sculptor, goldsmith and famous for developing a revolutionary painting technique.

Aug 08
Leon Battista Alberti (honorary)

Writer, cryptographer and all-round intellectual that also assisted Pope Nicholas V.

Aug 03
Raffaello (honorary)

Influenced by Florence his 'La belle Jardiniere' is a revered statement of the renaissance.

Jul 29

Born in nearby Empoli, noted Italian portraitist and mannerist painter.

Jul 16
Paolo Uccello

Early Florentine artist capturing the late Gothic style and the transformation.