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How to book on FIBNB.com

What is FIBNB?

FIBNB.com is an easy way to book your next holidays in Florence. Property owners in Florence have listed their apartments on our website and you can find all the information about the apartment in our listings page. You can view the availability calendar for the property and also reach out to the property owner before making a reservation.

When you are ready to make a booking you can do so by entering the details of your reservation, and then using one of the available payment providers to book your accommodation. If you prefer you may also make payment using the International bank transfer mechanism.

Once we receive your reservation and have confirmed it, we will provide you with the details of the property owner so you can make arrangements for your arrival in Florence.

You save money when booking through FIBNB.com because our property owners absorb the service costs when listing their properties. That means that apart from any cleaning and local tourism taxes the price you see per day, is the price you will pay when confirming your reservation.

How to pay for your holiday rental?

FIBNB.com does not process transactions on behalf of guests that wish to book with the properties listed on the website. Once a guest has sent a reservation request the owner will respond with details of how the reservation can be paid for.

The inital request that is made is considered non-binding. The owner will first reply to your message to confirm the price and the availability and you will then be asked to confirm the reservation. On the property listings page the cancellation policy will be shown. More details about the cancellation policies are in the dedicates question in this FAQ.

What if I want to cancel a reservation?

When an owner creates a listing on FIBNB they are able to choose from three different cancellation policies. Our system records all changes that are  made to listings by owners and we therefore have a record of the cancellation policy that has been associated with a listing at the time of the first reservation request. However it is important to make clear that FIBNB provides a platform to contact the guest with the property owner and we are therefore unable to intervene in the case of a dispute.

When creating a listing on our system property owners are asked to make a choice of one of the following property cancellation policies.

– Fully Flexible: your entitlement is to request 100% of any paid sums to the owner to be returned to you (excluding transfer fees).
– Short Notice only: up to seven days prior to your arrival, your entitlement is to request 100% of your booking refunded (excluding transfer fees). If you cancel within 7 days your entitlement is to have refunded 50% of the daily rate for the property rental.
-Long Notice only: if you cancel more than 30 days before your arrival, your entitlement is to receive 100% of your booking refunded (excluding transfer fees). If you cancel within 30 days your entitlement is to be refunded 50% of the daily rate for the property rental.

In a case where a guest has already paid EURO 700 for a rental, then the owner would deduct the costs of making the transfer to the guest from the original amound and then send the remaining booking fees to the guest.

Please note that FIBNB cannot act as a mediator in the case of cancellations, but is happy to provide any information that may help resolve any disputes should they arise.

Newsletter preferences, and how to control them

When sending a request for a reservation or through one of the other online forms on FIBNB.com it is possible to sign up for our newsletter. This newsletter contains helpful guides and tips that will be of interest to anyone planning to take a holiday in Florence.

Before you subscription is activated we will send an email that requires you to reconfirm your subscription. Although we have configured our services to deliver to all email platforms, it might be that this first email is received in your junk or trash folder. Therefore please check these folders if you do not receive this email confirmation in the ten minutes following your subscription.

If the subscription email is not confirmed, you will not be added to our mailing lists.

Whenever a newsletter is sent you will find a link where it is possible to control your subscription settings. This includes adding or removing any provided profile information, or options to unsubscribe or recieve the newsletters at a different frequency. Should you wish to unsubscribe from our newsletter and you do not have a copy of our last newsletter, please contact us and we will can manually remove your email address from our lists.

We use Mailchimp for maintaining and managing our newsletter information, and you can read about the security of this platform at the following link.

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