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The Chapel of the Princes is perhaps the most spectacular of all the chapels and boasts a magnificent dome that was designed by Buontalenti and started in 1604, although the project was so grand that it was not actually completed until the 20th century. This chapel is the burial place of six of the prominent Medici Grand Dukes. Don Giovanni de' Medici was famous for his interest in architecture and designed much of the Chapel of the Princes, which was built by Matteo Nigetti in the Baroque style complete with enormous cupola and a very lavish interior.


The Museum

This collection of ornate and atmospheric chapels serves as the final resting place of the much-revered Medici family. The complex consists of several large chapels, which in turn form the complex of San Lorenzo. This magnificent church served as the official church of the Medici family when they had a palace in Via Larga, although these days the church complex is more commonly used as a mausoleum. The first person to be buried here was Giovanni de' Bicci de' Medici, who passed away in 1429 and was later joined by his wife Piccarda. Michelangelo began working on the New Sacristy in 1520 and a project for a family tomb was conceived. The mausoleum was completed in 1524 and the design was based on the designs by Brunelleschi.


The chapels can be reached through entering the rear of San Lorenzo Church and are into three parts, namely the crypt, the Cappella dei Principi or Chapel of the Princes and the New Sacristy. The crypt was originally the resting place of minor members of the Medici dynasty and was extensively renovated in the 19th century. Michelangelo himself built the New Sacristy between 1520 and 1534 and features several sculptures of the sarcophagi by Michelangelo including statues of the Dukes Giuliano and Lorenzo as well as the allegories of Dawn and Dusk and the Madonna and Child that commands pride of place above the sarcophagus of the Dukes. Another figure, known as Night, can also be found here and is often celebrated as being one of Michalengelo’s finest works.


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