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The right wing of the gallery is commonly known as the Quartiere del Volterrano and this large section of the gallery features the chambers that were once used by the Grand Duchess Vittoria della Rovere. In addition to the Duchess’ bedroom, visitors will be able to explore several large service rooms as well as the Duchess’ private chapel and her dining room. Each area of the right wing is lined with paintings, while visitors should make sure that they take in the frescoed ceilings of the Allegories Room including five frescoed scenes that were created by Baldassarre Franceschini in 1658.


The Museum

Located in the luxurious Palazzo Pitti (also known as the Pitti Palace in English), this stunning gallery is the perfect place to view Renaissance artwork in a setting that is just as stunning as the collections that adorn the walls. The heart of the palace dates back to 1458 and was once the home of ambitious local banker Luca Pitti. The Medici family bought the palace in 1549 and quickly began transferring their extensive collection of artwork there. In addition to a large number of paintings, visitors will be able to view plates, jewellery and a wide range of other types of luxurious possessions.


Napoleon took over the palace in the late 18th century, before it served as the principal royal palace Italy when the nation was newly united. In 1919 King Victor Emmanuel III donated the palace and its entire contents to the Italian people and visitors from all over the world are now free to roam here. These days, the palace serves as the largest museum complex in the whole of Florence. While the palace contains several impressive galleries, the Palatina Gallery is the most famous of them all due to the number of priceless works of art that can be viewed here. People who have a real love for Renaissance art will want to allow several hours to explore the gallery and appreciate the paintings that can be found here while also learning more about the history and significance of the collection.

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