Making the most of Florence and its Musuems

You would never be forgiven for visiting Florence and not taking in at least one of the museums in the city. On this page you can find detailed information for the main museums in the city. You can buy tickets for the Duomo, the Gallileo museum, the Uffizi gallery, the Boboli Gardens and other specialist collections you not likely find in your travel guide. The museum tickets bought on FIBNB and are delivered electronically within 48 hours. Once you have paid for your tickets securely you will receive a confirmation email that includes the contact details for the ticket provider should  you have any questions.


IMPORTANT NOTE: These tickets are ideally suited for visitors that want to avoid the long queues and inconveniences caused by waiting both at the local ticket and outside the museum entrances – nearly all the tickets sold here grant priority access – under the baking Tuscan sun. As you might expect these additional benefits come at a slightly higher premium than tickets purchased locally, but if you are only in Florence for a couple of days and time is of the essence then it will be worth it.

How best to enjoy the Florence Museums

We partnered with one of Florence’s leading ticket offices to allow you to pre-book tickets for your visit to Florence. These tickets come at a higher premium than tickets bought locally but do have some very valuable extras that for some tourist will make them worthwhile. Notably the priority access that features on many tickets will means that instead of waiting out in the sun in long queus you will be able to access the museums more quickly.

Florence is an open-air museum and can be explored on foot much in the same way as an art gallery. Whether it is he loggia dei lanzi of looking at the spectacular Piazza Signoria lit up at night, there are plenty of monuments for which a ticket isn’t event necessary.

If you are planning to visit Florence and are only coming for a couple of days, our advice would be to take in the Duomo and the Battistero, and to then enjoy the city on foot. There are some key dates during the year where the city is partcularly magical, and none more so than June 24 when it is the patron saint’s day and the banks of the arno become the stalls where the audience looks up to Piazzale Micheangelo while fireworks gleam in the sky.

On such celebrations there are boat trips on the arno to give you a unique spectacle.

If you are planning to visit Florence for more than a couple of days then really have a good look through the museums and tours we’ve picked out below as we are sure you will find something eye-raising!

“Visiting the Duomo of Florence was something that
I had always wanted to do in my lifetime”

Jenna, USA.

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