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Sep 10
A Short History of Machiavelli

Niccolò Machiavelli was an Italian playwright, poet, humanist, philosopher, historian,…

Sep 03
A Short History of Lorenzo Ghiberti

Lorenzo Ghiberti was an early renaissance sculptor known for his creation of the…

Aug 30
A Short History of Luca and Andrea della Robbia

The della Robbia Family Business The della Robbia family is most famous for its…

Aug 27
Boccaccio and his ‘Decamerone’

Giovanni Boccaccio was an Italian poet, writer, important Renaissance humanist and a…

Aug 09
A short history of Antonio del Pollaiolo

Antonio del Pollaiolo was an Italian Sculptor, goldsmith, and painter born in…

Aug 08
Leon Battista Alberti, the quintessential ‘Renaissance men’.

Born in Genoa, Leon Battista Alberti was an Italian writer, architect, and humanist…

Aug 03
A Short History of Raffaello

His full name is Raffaello Sanzio. He was also known as Raffaello Santi, however, many…

Jul 29
A Short History of Pontormo

Pontormo, also known as Jacopo Pontormo or Jacopo da Pontormo, was born on 24 May in…

Jul 16
A short history of Paolo Uccello

Paolo Uccello was an Italian mathematician and Florentine painter. His work strived…

Jul 09
A Short History of Filippo Lippi

The Italian painter Fra’ Filippo Lippi was born in 1406 in Florence. His father…

Jul 04
A short history of Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli was born in Florence, Italy in the mid-1440s, with most experts…

Jun 29
Short History of Beato Angelico

Beato Angelico is a famous Florentine Renaissance painter who was born around 1400.…

Jun 16
A Short History of the Life of Giotto

Giotto was an architect and painter from Florence, Italy during the Late Medieval…

Jun 08
Giorgio Vasari, his corridor and his life

Read about Giorgio Vasari's contribution to Florence's artistic heritage.

May 31
Donatello, his David and his early years

The Davide sculpture counts as just one of Donatello's lasting contributions to Florence.

May 28
Dante, the poet of Firenze

Florence's moral philosopher and author of the Divine Comedy.

Apr 21
The renaissance genius of Michelangelo

The creation of Adam is just one of Michelangelo's famous works.

Apr 15
Reasons to visit Florence

Firenze: cradle of the Renaissance! The place to immerse yourself in world-famous art,…

Apr 12
Masaccio’s gift for movement and nature

Considered by Vasari as one of the best painters in the Renaissance period.

Apr 04
A short history of the life of Brunelleschi

Florence in Italy is home to some of Brunelleschi’s most famed works, making use of…

Mar 29
Leonardo of Vinci.

The Mona Lisa was just one of many creations by the polymath from Vinci.

Apr 09
Show me what I’m missing!

Florence, Tuscany According to UNESCO nearly one-third of the world’s treasures can be…

Apr 06
11 of the best things to see

A photographic tour of some of the highlights of Florence

Feb 06
Street Knowledge

Our resident editor shared some tips for surviving not just the Florentine heat but…

Jul 06
Bistecca Fiorentina 101

In Florence there is only one type of Florentine steak or flank steak to eat and it’s…

Apr 14
When to come?

If you’re about to relax and take a holiday in Tuscany this year, then here are a few…