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Listing your vacation rental property on FIBNB

What is FIBNB?

FIBNB.com provides a platform through which property owners in Florence can put their property in front of a global audience looking to book a holiday apartment. Guests are able to view property information, photos and check availability for the year ahead. Any questions can be put to the property owner by the guest via the contact form on the property listings page. When the guest is ready to make a reservation they can do so from the listings page and payments are processed online. The rental fees are then tranferred to the property owner in the month following the date of checkout, less our commission of 10%.

How do listings work?

Listing your property on FIBNB.com is free and easy for property owners. Simply create an account on the platform by providing your email address and creating a password, and then continue to register your property. In this next step you can add all the information about your property. In the future, should you wish to change any part of your listing, you can simply login to your account and change these details, an example would be your daily room rate. At the current time you are only able to set a fixed price per day, but in the future we hope to make it possible to set rates according to specific periods of the year. Once you have submitted your property, this will be reviewed and you will recieve an email to confirm that your listing is now live on FIBNB.com.

Can I list more than one property?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of properties you can list on FIBNB.com

To add a second property you should go to your FIBNB.com account and login using the details you provided during your registration. Once you have logged in you should visit the section of your account (click on the arrow to the right of your user name in the top right of the FIBNB.com website) called “my listings”. From there you can see the information about your listing and status for any listings that you already have live. In the top right of the page you can see written “Add Property”. When you click on this button you will be able to add another property to FIBNB.com

How can I add my property to FIBNB?

Add your property by simply clicking the button “Add Property” in the top right corner of every page of the website. You will need to have a working email address to be able to create an account.

How can I make my property stand out?

The best way to get the best visbility on FIBNB.com is to provide as much information about your property as possible. When writing descriptions and providing other information about your property consider what you would consider important to know if you wanted to stay in a property. We prepared a small help file that you can download, and this provides all the headings that you will find on the property submission form. This document has tips to help you submit the best listing to FIBNB.com and get the greatest visibility on the platform. If there is one thing that is important, if you want to have success with your property, it’s having great photos. If you need a photographer in Florence to help take great photos, please contact us and we can provide some references for you.

Click here to download the guidance document (400KB).

How can I change prices, photos and descriptions for my property?

Much like other property websites you may or may not be familiar with, to change any element of your listing you simply need to login to your account on FIBNB.com. After logging in you can browse to the section “my listings” where you can edit your listing and make any changes.

How to stop overbooking (sync. calendar)?

Whenlisting your property of FIBNB.com you are provided with options to add the booking calendar links from other popular booking platforms, such as airbnb.com and booking.com. By adding these links guests that view your property will see real-time availability for your property and only be able to book your property on dates when the property is available.

It is important to note that this sycronizing functionality is currently one-way. That means that if you receive a booking on FIBNB.com you will need to manually update the calendars of the other properties to avoid overbooking. Two way connections are expected for properties shortly.

If your property is listed on other booking platforms, you can download our guidance document.

How do people book my property?

It is really easy. There is a booking form on your property listing page, where they can provide their reservation details and pay online with a credit card.

Once we have received the confirmation of payment we will contact you to advise you of the booking. Once the guest has checked-out of your property we will transfer the fees of the booking to you less our commission. Please see our terms and conditions when registering a property on our website which covers our payment obligations to you.

How long will my property be shown on FIBNB?

Your property will be listed on FIBNB.com according to the terms of the listings package associated with your listing.

Guest cancellations?

FIBNB.com wants their guests to be happy. Sometimes guests need to cancel their reservation for a range of reasons. The cancellation terms promised to guests that book on FIBNB.com are that;

  • If a guest cancels up to 15 days prior to arrival they will receive 100% refund.
  • If a guest cancels within 15 days of arrival, they will receive a 50% refund.

You may at your discretion consider alternative refund terms for the guest should they cancel within 15 days. Please refer to the terms and conditions for the property listings package for a list of any additional fees that may be incurred.

How can I remove my property from FIBNB?

If you no longer wish to have your property displayed on FIBNB please contact us, with your account details and we will manually process the deletion of your property from our system, once we have confirmed that any pending reservations have been fulfilled.

Requesting an invoice from FIBNB?

We issue an invoice for each listing published live on our website and you will be asked to provide the necessary fiscal details when signing up for a listings package during the checkout phase of registering your property.

If you are an Italian citizen you will be required to provide your fiscal code (codice fiscale). Invoices are issued by our system once the listing(s) have been published live. If you have any billing or administrative questions please contact us so we can attend to your enquiry more effectively.

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