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Learn about Florence's most famous citizens

Jul 04
A short history of Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli was born in Florence, Italy in the mid-1440s, with most experts…

Jun 29
Short History of Beato Angelico

Beato Angelico is a famous Florentine Renaissance painter who was born around 1400.…

Jun 16
A Short History of the Life of Giotto

Giotto was an architect and painter from Florence, Italy during the Late Medieval…

Jun 08
Giorgio Vasari, his corridor and his life

Read about Giorgio Vasari's contribution to Florence's artistic heritage.

May 31
Donatello, his David and his early years

The Davide sculpture counts as just one of Donatello's lasting contributions to Florence.

May 28
Dante, the poet of Firenze

Florence's moral philosopher and author of the Divine Comedy.