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Category: Historical Figures

Jul 04

The birth of Venus is just one of a number of works this artist brought into this world.

Jun 29
Beato Angelico

Beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1982 and declared patron of the Catholic artists.

Jun 16

One of the greatest Italian masters and the father of European art.

Jun 08
Giorgio Vasari

Giving name to the corridor that runs over the Ponte Vecchio bridge in Florence.

May 31

The Davide sculpture is one of Donatello's lasting gifts to Florence.

May 28
Dante, the poet of Firenze

Florence's moral philosopher and author of the Divine Comedy.

Apr 21
The renaissance genius of Michelangelo

The creation of Adam is just one of Michelangelo's famous works.

Apr 12
Masaccio’s gift for movement and nature

Considered by Vasari as one of the best painters in the Renaissance period.

Mar 29
Leonardo of Vinci.

The Mona Lisa was just one of many creations by the polymath from Vinci.